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The National Autonomous University of Mexico is the biggest and most recognized University n Mexico and it has a Colonial history dating back to 1551, when UNAM was known as the Royal Pontifical University of Mexico, the first to be founded in North America. It was granted the character of “national” since 1910, and is autonomous in 1929. UNAM is the most ambitious and far-reaching cultural and educational project in Mexico. It is a public, laic and free University and also has the largest registered students in the country: more than 350 thousand students. Therefore, UNAM is without a doubt, the educational entity which produces more knowledge, research and art in the country transcending profoundly worldwide.

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The Centre for Mexican Studies (CMS) in South Africa is an academic outpost of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), hosted by Witwatersrand University, at Johannesburg City. It was created in May 2018 with the idea of promoting academic and cultural exchange between UNAM and South African higher education institutions. CMS South Africa is part of a wide family of other UNAM centers around the world in countries like United States, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Spain, France and Germany. CMS’s are the result of a well-established internationalization policy, which dates back to 1921.